I mean I guess.

It sucks to already have such bad credit at the age of 22, well more like depressing. If my brother and sister helped my mom & I out with payments, the eviction would have never happened. It’s too late to dwell now but starting now, they will garnish some of my check.

Ahh depressing stuff to.

After a fun vacation in LA, kpop and reuniting with the homies, it’s pretty depressing coming home to reality…sigh..


The Making of SWZYCO ‘OG’

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Dreams of Resurrection

I must have had that new abc show, Resurrection, in mind because my dream felt so real. It was like my dad came back to life and everything felt right again. I mean it didn’t make sense at all lol but I had the feelings of when I was a kid and it definitely felt good….until I woke up from the good life and it was back to this disappointing ass reality.

I mean I guesssss lol.

Nothing will fuck up your twenties more than thinking you’re supposed to have your shit together.

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KPop & Farewells

Yesterday was the day for grabbing the tickets for the free KPop LA Festival & Concert on April 12 and that shit was a hassle haha. Woke up at 9 and hit up the homie and we tried our luck at trying to get the tickets on ticketmaster at 10am and we had no luck unfortunately. It kept saying “High Demand, try agin later” lol. Well stupid me I had finally gotten two tickets but I put them back because the seats sucked ass and then I.had no more luck getting them.
Then finally before I went to work I tried it again and copped one. Went to work and copped another and then two generous people were kind enough to sell me theirs for ticketmaster price instead of taxin them like all them others haha. So now that 4 is obtained, we can all go but now we just need to trade for closer seats… Shouldn’t be too hard right? Haha.

Today is the day my co-worker leaves for the Navy. The farewell party was pretty sad but also fun. I wish I didn’t work that day so I would have got to enjoy more time with everybody before he left. He said he would be gone for at least 8 years and that’s a really long time. At least we will always have toysrus, magic, comic books, nerd stuffs and even star wars the old republic haha. I hope everything goes good for him and his future endeavors and I’ll see you when I see you man ^_^

I could tell you about the good, the bad, & the ugly. But it’d be best if I showed you. So just give it some time and it’ll all come to fruition.

In due time is what I always say. 😶

Success is right around the corner. Things simply fall into place like a puzzle and we didn’t even have to try to force the pieces in. All we gotta do is capitalize every situation that comes our way and soon enough all our patience will have paid off.

And best believe we gettin’ paid on full haha. 😎

"If you think of someone enough, you’re sure to meet them again."

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